How to Factory Reset a Computer

      If you are experiencing glitches, system errors, and slow speed, you may be wondering how to factory reset a computer. Factory resetting a computer is an excellent way to make the system work more smoothly. The process can also help you clear up system lagging and screen freezing. Here are a few … Read more

How to Defragment a Computer

If you want to defragment a computer’s hard drive, you will have to go to the Disk Cleanup program in Windows. Here you will find five options: Tools, General, Hardware, Sharing, and Quota. From here, choose the appropriate drive to defragment and click the Defragment button. If the drive is highlighted, it’s the correct one. … Read more

How to Deauthorize a Computer on Apple

      There are a few ways to deauthorize a computer on Apple. The first is to sign into your Apple ID and select Account Information. On the Account Information page, select Deauthorize All. You can also select to deauthorize all computers that you no longer use. After deauthorizing the computers that you no … Read more

What Bit Is My Computer?

          To determine what bit your computer is, look at the System and Device specifications areas under the large Windows logo. There, you will see whether your computer is a 64-bit or 32-bit machine. The hardware architecture of your PC is also reported. 64-bit edition of Windows can be installed on … Read more